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Trading in the financial markets is risky, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade, you should do your own research and take into consideration your level of knowledge, experience, and financial situation. We does not provide financial advice. The content, which we provide for you, must be used for informative and educational purposes only.
Only you can be responsible for your trading results!

What we do:

  • Study about trading capital management.
  • Improve trading psychology and discipline.
  • Study about technical analysis.
  • Study about trading strategies.

Manage your trades:

How to earn a living with trading:

To earn a living from trading there are 3 basics things you will need to masterize:

The priority is to not lose your capital.
Like a diver pays attention to his air reserves; A trader pays attention to his capital.
It is not that easy, if you are a newbie, it will take time to understand that; as it seems so easy to earn a lot with crypto currencies.
Find all information in the Risk Management section.

Discipline of the trader is a fondamental.
Psychology is 70% of your success in trading.
No discipline = losses.
All what you do, and will do, must be written, objective.
You must stick to those objective decisions. Any decision that is based on emotion will drive you to failure.
Trading is the realm of emotions driving you to your loss.
Emotions will completely ruin your plans if they take any little part in your process of decision.

Find all information in the Tading Psychology section.

It is the science which allows us to understand where the price action could go.
Technical analysis are not predictions.
Technical analysys provide us and edge (advantage).
Find all information in the Technical analysis section.